Seasonal Special: Summer BBQ Bowls

At Cali, we love Summer and we love BBQ! Using this as inspiration we’ve created (quite possibly) our tastiest lunch bowls ever. We’re talking, smokey, spicy, tangy, fresh flavours with ingredients like watermelon, roasted corn, crispy kale and spicy grilled vegan chicken.

These bowls are special for the Summer season so only available for a limited time.



Well Sydney, winter is well and truly coming. Heaters are being cranked up and trusty umbrellas are close at hand. But don’t feel too blue because the chilly season change also marks an exciting new winter menu for all our Cali Press cafes! From power up porridges to delicious toast toppers and our decadent superfood lattes, we’ve got a whole range of new and exciting mouth-watering dishes for you to try…


SO FRESH ‘N’ SO CALI: Summer Season Menu Drop!

At Cali HQ, we’ve been working our fruity butts off in preparation for the fast approaching summer season. With a bit of trial and error and maybe a little taste testing (guilty!) we’ve improved on some old faves but we’ve also created some super fresh, ‘n’ super clean newbies we know you’re going to love. So get ready to tantalise your tastebuds peeps, because we’re so ready to give you all them #summer feels.


Spotlight On: The Perfect Bronte Sunday

It was no coincidence that our first Cali Cafe was borne into the beachside suburb of Bronte. For us at Cali, Bronte has it all – cafes, sheltered natural rock pools, a wide and grassy park and of course – the beach… tis’ a true, local hangout, all year long. We’ve certainly spent many a perfect Sunday enjoying all that Bronte has to offer and we’ve listed a bunch of our ultimate fave’s for you guys to check out and hopefully enjoy on one of your Sunday’s too.


Spotlight On: The Awesomeness of Watermelon Juice – Cali Press

Is there really any other produce that screams ‘summer’s near’ quite like watermelon? We don’t think so… and that’s why it’s the ONLY ingredient in our Seasonal Spring Juice. Whether it’s watermelon’s refreshing sweetness or its vibrant colour, it’s an awesome addition to any plate. It also boasts some seriously powerful health benefits that cover everything from the function of your brain all the way down to the cells in your feet.


New Season, New Menu – Cali Press

It’s finally here! The Cali Press new season menu is now available at all of our cafe locations.

Over the past few months we’ve been taste testing new recipes (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) so we’re excited to share the delicious new menu items with you! Drop into any Cali Press cafe this weekend to check out what’s new. But first, lettuce (geddit) give you a taste of what you can expect…