Spotlight On: The Benefits of Cali Rewards

In launching Cali Press, one of our main goals was to make sure we had a customer loyalty rewards program that awarded you for including us on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Becoming a Cali Rewards member means you’ll be able to gain loyalty points which you can then redeem for a free coffee or an in-store discount. Other awesome benefits are a free juice on your birthday, exclusive access to new products and offers as well as discounted cleanses throughout the year! So what are you waiting for?

If you’re not already a member you can sign-up for Cali Rewards here or by dropping into any of our five locations where a staff member can sign you up on the spot. Then by stating your name when making payment at a Cali Press cafe you can earn points on eligible products, which are cold pressed juices, smoothies, coffee and hot drinks. Once you accumulate 50 points you can redeem $5 off your next purchase! We’ve recently made some changes to the Rewards program – keep reading the below for the low down.


Coffee & Hot Drinks
Our entire hot drinks menu including coffee by AllPress matches every dollar spent for one rewards point. Put simply, if you buy ten hot drinks (each of $5 value) across any of our cafe locations, you’ll be getting your 11th one for free!


Juices & Smoothies
Offering premium products that are good value for money is what we’re all about, and as fresh produce prices continue to rise we’ve remained committed to keeping our prices as low as possible. To achieve this, we have found the best solution is to offer 0.5 Cali Rewards points for every dollar spent on our juices and smoothies.

And don’t forget… when you return a 500ml glass Cali Press bottle to a Cali cafe, you’ll receive 50 cents (per bottle) off your next purchase provided you return and redeem in the one transaction.


We’re taking Happy Birthday’s for our rewards members to a whole new level by offering a free gift when your special day rolls around each year! Simply drop into your local Cali Press, let a staff member know it’s your birthday by showing your photo ID and enjoy a 350ml juice on us.


How do I get going ASAP?
You can sign-up right here or head into any Cali cafe and let a staff member know you’d like to become a Cali Rewards member. You can then earn and redeem points at any Cali Press location by simply stating your name when purchasing coffee, hot drinks, juice or smoothies.

When can I redeem?
Once you reach 50 points! You’ll be surprised how quickly you get there and can then redeem a maximum of $5 off of your transaction.

How do I keep track of my points?
Staff members are more than happy to update you on your points status, so just ask; otherwise let those points roll on in and enjoy the surprise when a staff member offers you the option to redeem your well earned discount.




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