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Long gone are the days of a simple coffee order, and while full fat and straight from the cow might still be knocking around, it’s certainly gained a few competitors over the years. Vegan ‘mylk’ options frequently generate chit-chat among our Cali baristas and we’ve even gone as far as to debate cockroach mylk! So with all this choice available, we wanted to see how all these vegan mylks measure up against each other. How do they taste? What are they good for? And why should we consider them over the good ol’ cow? Here’s our take on it:

Almond Mylk 

We’re titling this dude the most widely consumed dairy alternative. Taste wise: creamy and sweet. Health wise: a nutritional powerhouse among foods. Here you’ve got healthy omega-6 fats and rich antioxidants that include vitamin E which is crucial for fighting off age-promoting free radicals. For those trying to shed a few KG’s, almond mylk is your best mate, containing only 30 calories per serving (240ml). We’re sold!

Macadamia Mylk 

This guy is pretty new on the scene but is making inroads with a nutritional powerhouse of antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and phytochemicals. It might be quite high in fat per serving BUT the fats are plant-based, so we ain’t talking saturation. Our biggest tick goes to taste! The savoury, crisp, creamy goodness of this increasingly popular vegan alternative to moo milk is seriously delicious.



Coconut Mylk 

Everyone’s cray cray for coconuts so no surprise this mylk has become a staple in kitchens all over the world. We’re talking rich in essential minerals, including manganese, selenium, copper, even zinc and iron. We love that it’s low in sugar and contains no fructose. It’s not as high in calcium as some of the other vegan dairy mylks but it’s still a good source of calcium… and come on, who doesn’t love the taste of coconut!

Cashew Mylk 

A dynamo when it comes to healthy proteins, calcium and cashews are some of the healthiest foods in the entire world. We think this is an insanely tasty milk alternative. It’s extremely thick and creamy popping it on the higher end of the ‘good fat scale’ but is frequently described as being far more satisfying than conventional milk products.



Oat Mylk 

Made from the grains of oatmeal you’ll definitely detect porridge! Oats are friends with our immune system, high in Vitamin D and studies have shown they can reduce bad cholesterol levels and promote healthy ones. Oat Mylk is a protein force with about 5-10g of plant protein per serve (250ml) and is super high in its soluble fibre to keep us all happily “regular”… hooray! 

Soy Mylk 

A staple among vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious cats, soy is derived from edamame! We’re talking more protein than a glass of regular milk, as well as a good helping of calcium. When it comes to taste, it’s the closest you’ll get to the taste of moo milk. There has been much debate about whether soy is a healthy option for people to consume but our take is: if you have allergies stay away from it, but if you don’t, then choose soy that is free from GMOs and derived from organic edamame. Bonsoy is used across all our Cali cafes, which is free of both of those nasties so no worries there!


So what’s the verdict then? Which vegan mylk is the best!? Well that decision is ultimately going to come down to your own personal preference. But… if we have to pick our favourite from the bunch, we’re going almond mylk. Not only do we love the sweet and nutty flavour it adds to our AllPress coffee’s, but we are big fans of that vitamin E + D hit, calcium boost and antioxidant rush… all the while without packing on too many cheeky calories. So there you have it, Almond mylk for the win!

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