Interview: 5 Minutes with the Cali Coogee Team

As part of the celebration for our Coogee cafe’s first birthday we sat down with location manager Kimmy, team leader Libby and bubbly barista Indy for a chat on all the things they love about the area and what makes Coogee such a unique beach side suburb. And as a special thank you for all of you juice and smoothie lovers out there, we’ll be ringing in the big numero uno this Saturday the 1st of April with a 2 for 1* offer on all small juices and smoothies. Simply drop into Cali Coogee between 6:30am to 5:30pm, wish the gang a ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoy the free deliciousness!

How long have each of you been working at Cali Press Coogee?
Kimmy: I have been at the CP Coogee cafe since we first opened in March last year, but previous to that I was a CP Bondi girl. I guess you could say I’m one of the originals.
Libby: Six amazing months!
Indy: Since the start of July 2016, but at first I got to work across all five CP cafes!

What’s the best part about working at #calicoogee?
Kimmy: There’s a few but if I had to choose it would have to be getting to work with some of my best friends, all my favourite regulars and the opportunity to work a few metres from the beach… Hello ocean dips before AND after work!
Indy: Having quick but sometimes longer conversations with our regular Coogee customers.

Your go to CP menu option?
Kimmy: First up in the morning it’s ‘The Hulk’ green juice but if I’m feeling like something more filling I would usually go a Smoothie Bowl or the The Smash on gluten free bread. Yum!
Libby: Either our Popeye juice or Pocket Rocket with a touch of added apple cider vinegar!
Indy: Tough question… I guess it depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but I’d have to say The Cali Berry or Muscle Beach Smoothie.


What is it about CP Coogee that makes it unique from the CP Bondi, Bronte, Surry Hills or Double Bay locations?
Kimmy: Us! (Laughs) but seriously… We’ve got an amazing team down here at Coogee. We’ve also built really strong relationships with our regular customers who I honestly wouldn’t even refer to as customers anymore… they’re our friends.
Libby: Cali Coogee is more of a small family; we’re all so tight knit.

What do you think keeps the locals coming back day in and day out?
Kimmy: Besides our incredible dance moves?! I think it would have to be our super speedy service, good chat and knack for remembering customer names and orders… We all get such a kick out of seeing how impressed our customers are when we not only remember their name, but their usual order too! 
Indy: The vibe down here is always a positive one plus we really love paying extra attention to detail when it comes to our customers (I definitely always try to change up the #lattéart). It’s the little things that make Cali Coogee great.


Where can we find you on your day off?
Kimmy: Probably floating between Coogee and Maroubra. My day would start with an AllPress coffee, then comes the sweat sesh over at F45, followed by take-away brekky from Cali (no surprises there) and back to my balcony where I can watch the surf.
Libby: Sunrise yoga at the Living Room, ocean swim at Coogee Beach followed by a coffee from Cali.

Favourite on-shift tune?
Kimmy: Any old school bangers… We are the cafe that gets the customers singing and dancing!
Libby: Rum Rage – Sticky Fingers.

A message to all your Coogee customers?
Kimmy: You guys rock! Honestly though… We have the best customers 🙂
Indy: You’re all amazing and such a good laugh! Cali Press Coogee wouldn’t be the same without you.


*2 for 1 offer is limited to small juices and small smoothies only, with a maximum of two items per customer.

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