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Are you sick of your first words for the day being…‘I’m so tired’? Is the fact you’re too pooped to play on weekends totally killing your buzz? Feel like you’re running out of gas before you’ve even worked up a sweat? People of Sydney, we hear you! Now check out these great tips below on how to change the yourself into a full time, fatigue-fighting machine.

1. Start Your Day Green
Set yourself up for success by flushing your system full of vibrant, nutrient dense and alkaline greens first up. A green juice or smoothie in the morning will assist in providing quality energy for the duration of your day. It also helps to level out your metabolism and your digestion system to stop you from reaching for unclean, energy burning snacks.



2. Have a Plan
Don’t let the stress of day-to-day life get the better of you. Take your time to carefully plan out your day’s activities, make your to-do lists and tick off the goals. This way you will avoid procrastinating and hopefully not get the yawns in-between. You can also make an effort to plan your meals, regulate your water in-take and schedule your exercise sessions so you can be sure you’re getting all the right nutrition and that you’re on top of things.



3. Move Your Body
We know you’re too tired to exercise but science says the more you move, the more energy you’ll have. Sure, any exercise is good exercise but really try to raise a sweat. If you’re not such a gym junkie, that’s cool, workout at home with youtube, exercise equipment or go for a run in your local neighbourhood.



4. Wholefoods, Wholefoods, Wholefoods
Keen on hitting a couple of espresso shots? Nutritionists recommend keeping it to one a day if you tend to struggle with tiredness because when it comes to ‘oomph stores’ the key here is keeping your blood sugar balanced, so energy is constant. Get your energy from wholefoods packed with punchy, revitalising combos of B vitamins, fibre and protein, so you get the pick-me-up you need without making yourself feel jittery in the process. Chia seeds are an amazing option here, so sprinkle away!



5. Get Them Z’s
Science says the optimum amount of sleep for good health is eight hours a night. And sleep isn’t just important for your energy supplies either! It’s when cells reproduce and release proteins essential for your growth and tissue repair. Lack of sleep can cause poor concentration and mood swings, and weakens your immune function making you feel sluggish. Try keeping your room at a cool temperature for sleeping, make it dark and keeping it as quiet as you can. If you’re tossing and turning, then get up, leave the room and come back when you feel a bit more tired! Also, some people need to avoid the nighttime workouts, finding that working out in the morning is a better option in to allow time for all those great endorphins to wear off before going for the Z’s again.




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