Post Cleanse Priorities

So you’ve just finished a Cali Press Cleanse and are feeling refreshed, energised and motivated but perhaps a bit unsure as to how you can keep the feeling going. Well, we recommend starting by checking out your face. Carefully examine the whites of your eyes… we bet they are shining! Your friends and family must be throwing around compliments about your glowing skin and general bounce in your step. Let’s be honest – it may not have been a walk in the park but it was totally worth it.

After you’ve taken in this new and improved version of you, also take some time to assess how your body/health is feeling in general. This is the moment that really counts because your next step will define all the efforts put into making that initial choice to cleanse and choose a healthier lifestyle in the first place. This is when vigilant planning, preparation and a good nutritious diet, becomes vital. This way, you can continue on the journey to a happier, healthier you.


After a Cali Cleanse we believe it’s crucial to ease your body into your preferred eating patterns. In order to extend the value of your cleanse at Cali, we recommend your next few meals be vegetarian as you slowly introduce solids back into your diet.

At Cali Press our in-store menu offers a variety of ‘post-cleanse friendly’ options. Begin your day with our amazing avo, supergreen pesto and tomato on gluten free toast and then pick out your lunch from the selection of our vegan and gluten-free rainbow salads. Usually you can add a protein to your salad (poached chicken or a boiled egg) but just for now we recommend keeping it simple and vegetarian… but hey! Don’t forget to add in one of our scrumptious dressings!

We also offer super tasty, super foodie, super Instagram worthy smoothie bowls! However when purchasing please keep in mind that they are indeed addictive! You have been warned…


But what about dinner time? To make it as easy as possible to have your fridge stocked with the right things, we love the idea of using a delivery service. Home delivery service, Marley Spoon, offers some great meat free options with three vegetarian deliveries per week that place a focus on healthy, fresh produce. What is Marley Spoon you ask? Marley Spoon sends tasty recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your door and in order to preserve taking the joy of cooking away, they include step-by-step instructions in the delivery boxes that help you up your cooking game, build your skills and confidence in the kitchen and help you eat healthier, whole, real food. Marley Spoon will soon also be delivering fruit boxes too, which is another great way to keep up your nutrient intake after completing your cleanse.

‘We work with carefully selected suppliers and passionate producers to guarantee the quality of our ingredients. Marley Spoon sources fresh, local and seasonal produce and opts for sustainable options when possible. Our chicken is free-range and our meat is humanely farmed – just to ensure you’re only getting the best stuff out there. Marley Spoon ingredients come hand packed and pre-portioned to ensure there is zero food waste, helping people to manage a more efficient kitchen. Marley Spoon has an in-house dietician who reviews each meal and because you cook it yourself you know exactly what is in your food.” 
Dave Malcolm, Director 

If you’re keen to get on board a great place to start is by downloading the Marley Spoon app as a guest so you can access all the recipe cards, should you want to have particular recipes sent over. It’s that easy and we love it!


If you’re a meat eater, we suggest introducing white meat such as chicken or fish back into your diet on day three. This will allow your body a lighter transition back into animal based foods before you hit the darker meat family like beef or anything else a bit heavy. After that you should feel free to move back to introducing your regular meat diet, if you so choose.





Miso Eggplant Autumn Salad with

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