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We all lead extremely busy lives and for so many health reasons, breakfast is one of the most important meals of our day. However, brekky can become particularly tricky if you’re trying to be healthy and /or cutting back on sugar, wheat and dairy etc. So when it comes to finding healthy (but still very delicious) brekky substitutes, we decided to put our heads together and compile a summarised list (because we all love a summary) of the breakfasts we should consistently eat to give us loads of energy, help us keep a balanced diet and enable us to feel strong and ready to take on the day, every day…

1. A Superfood Breakfast Bowl

Throw the following in a bowl and eat up!

Start with coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit – we suggest trying coconut yogurt instead of regular yoghurt (easier to digest and better for you). Add a little chia pudding, which is rich in micronutrients and high in amino acids. Complete it with Bircher muesli, which is basically uncooked muesli, made from soaking oats along with other ingredients. Bircher is delicious, healthy and leaves you feeling gratified, happy and full! However, make sure you have time on your side as the ‘soaking’ does require saturation overnight. Top it with your favourite superfoods and you’re good to go.

Cali Press Offers: THE SIGNATURE breakfast bowl with fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, pistachio granola, coconut chia, seasonal bircher, coconut, passionfruit and goji.


2. Avo On Toast

Packed with healthy fats and fiber, the delicious avocado is a healthy breakfast choice that’s also irresistibly creamy. So grab yourself some toasted rye, smash and smear on your ¼ of an avocado, top with raddish and season with lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
QUICK TIP: Add a runny or hard boiled egg and you’ve got yourself a breakfast superhero!

Cali Press Offers: THE SMASH – so it’s avo on toast but we do you one even better by adding goats feta, roma tomato and pesto. #Heaven!


3. Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are probably our all time favourite breakfast foods. Why? Because beyond the fact that they’re super delicious and packed with nutrient dense leafy greens that will keep you sustained for hours, they’re also really quick to prepare. You can make them the night before and then just blend it all together in the morning… PLUS there’s hardly any dishes to clean up too (win/win?). We also love the way that they’re practically a ‘made to-go’ meal making them ideal for when you’re on the run… probably why they’re such a take-away hit at all our #calicafes.

Cali Press offers: THE GREEN ROOM or FIELD OF GREENS. In the event you don’t have time to make and blend your own, there’s always a quick pit stop at your local Cali Press for one of these ultra healthy and delicious superfood smoothies.



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