5 Hacks: For All-Day Lasting Energy

Many define feeling energised/having energy, as the epitome of wellness and health. So we got to thinking… what would happen if we based our decisions around maximising our energy stores? Whether it is mental, physical, or even emotional, living in 2017 means we use up a lot of energy each day. Regardless of differences in lifestyle, we want to share with you the top five hacks we believe you can implement into your daily routines for some slow release, but kick-ass energy!


You’ve heard it before and it’s got to be a no brainer by now… EAT BREAKFAST! But make sure you’re eating the right kind of breakfast… You want to dish up a breakfast that’s completely free of artificial sugars/ingredients so you’re not going to experience an energy spike, then a blood sugars crash thereafter. Without artificials in your breakfast, you’ll stay full throughout the morning and your food will be easily digestible. This takes less energy away from your digestive system and gives more energy back to you. We recommend having something filled with veggies – like our Green Room smoothie.


Get your blood pumping first thing. Exercise like power yoga, a HIIT workout or a boxing sesh will mean your body is energised for the full day. Don’t overdo it though; you don’t want to be burnt out before the day has even begun; instead, slowly work your way up to higher intensities. Doing something a little less hearty in the afternoon is a good idea too – yoga, a swim or a walk is perfect.


Our 0rganic produce ensures you receive a complete break from the harmful toxins encountered in everyday life and will leave your body bounding with new borne energy. Cali Press offers 3 & 5 day cleanses that will assist in increased mental clarity, energy and vitality that can be delivered directly to your door.


Being low in iron can dramatically impact your energy levels (especially in athletes, vegetarians and women) so we recommend taking Floradix which is a great natural supplement. Combining iron + B vitamins, a morning dose of this in liquid form is gentle on the digestive tract and a great boost to increase iron levels and essential cell functions. Foods that are rich in B-Vitamins include leafy greens, shellfish, eggs.



So we should always aim for no less than 8 hours sleep per night, but getting into a sleep schedule can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep too. Humans alternate between REM and NREM sleep cycles each night. If we have irregular sleep patterns, for example one night we go to bed at 9PM/ and are awake at 5AM followed by the next, to bed at 12AM /awake at 9AM… that throws out our natural clocks. In good sleep patterns, every morning our body moves into the NREM state before waking… what you want to do is get into a sleep routine that allows that to happen naturally; otherwise your body is going to get shocked awake out of a REM state when the alarm goes off. This can leave you feeling groggy all day. Routine it up peeps, your bodies NREM will follow.
TIP: Switch off all technology devices an hour before you plan on heading to bed. 

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