Our Coogee Cafe offers delicious smoothies, cold pressed juices, nutritional salads, and the finest Allpress coffee. When you want to know about places to eat in Coogee - look no further!

Chill Out With Us! We love the Sydney beaches!

From early morning to late afternoon, including weekends, you can sit back and relax in our Coogee Cafe while enjoying your breakfast or lunch. Need an early boost? Choose a delicious and colourful superfood bowl designed to start your day perfectly.

Our grab-and-go health shelf produce is nutritious and convenient if you want to eat healthy on the go! Try a cold pressed juice to refuel and invigorate you at home or work when you use our convenient online ordering with frequent delivery options.

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215 Coogee Bay Rd
Coogee NSW 2034


02 9664 1113

On occasion opening hours may vary from stated times.


Find Out Where to Eat in Coogee

You can pick up the phone to get instructions for your Coogee beach food – we’re just on Coogee Bay Road. Head on down to enjoy your favourite 100% raw organic cold pressed juices and wholefoods served in our relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Want to order from home? No problem! We’ll arrange delivery of your chosen products at a time that suits you.

Want to Know More About Cali Press?

We want to bring better health into your life through juice, smoothies and wholefoods, free of pesticides, toxins and chemicals. Our Coogee beach restaurant has:

  • Ingredients sourced from local organic farmers supporting initiatives within the community
  • Cold press juices that keep nutrients and enzymes intact making them retain their maximum taste for longer
  • A grab and go menu offering juices, tonics, wholefoods and snacks
  • Juice cartons loaded with nutritional elements that can be delivered straight to your door at home or work
  • Smoothies full of superfoods, enzymes and nutrients
We’ve got an easy to use website for you to order your goods online but if you can’t, simply head into your local Coogee Cafe

Want to Know About Our Famous Juice Cleanses?

We’ve got a whole range of uniquely designed programmes developed through working closely with a nutritionist to ensure that our juice cleanses are suitable for all. Need some more information? Read on...

  • Q: What can a juice cleanse do?
  • A: Rejuvenate hair, skin, and nails, flush, detoxify, and hydrate your body - just for a start!
  • Q: Are there different types of cleanses?
  • A: Yes - you can choose one, two, three, or five day cleanses to suit you
  • Q: Do they come with instructions?
  • A: Every Cali Cleanse customer will receive instructions and handy tips emailed in a detailed guide
  • Q: What do I do with the bottles and cooler bag?
  • A: You can return them to us, and when you do you’ll get a free gift!
  • Q: Where do you deliver to?
  • A: The entire Sydney area including Coogee