Cali Press Bronte Cafe

Cali Press opened its first health cafe in the heart of the beachside suburb of Bronte. Cafe Bronte offers 100% raw organic cold pressed juices, organic wholefoods, and superfood smoothies - all designed to make keeping healthy fun!

An Emporium of Health - Pop In And See Us Today

Our Bronte Beach cafes are open from 6.30am until 4.00pm weekdays and Saturdays, and on Sunday it’s 7.30am to 5.00pm. Call in on your way to work and take a look at our smoothie menu – it's loaded with enzymes and nutrients – grab a superfood bowl of goodness, or pick up a handcrafted cold pressed juice.

You can see our products online and place an order if you can’t visit the store – it’ll be delivered to your door! Call us for details.

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140-142 Macpherson St
Bronte NSW 2024


02 9386 9256

On occasion opening hours may vary from stated times.

Our Healthy Juices

We offer a bespoke juice cleanse in Australia that’s one of the hot new health options from Cali Press! You can alkalise, reset, and restore your system with our standard and deep clean cleanse options. Get a break from harmful toxins when you choose from our one, two, three, or five day cleanses. During the experience, you may lose weight, reduce your sugar cravings, feel cleansed and detoxified.

Cali cleanse packs are delivered fresh in a Cali Press cooler bag complete with instructions, handy tips and complimentary goodies! You’ll also get an email that includes a detailed guide on what to expect when cleansing. Check online for a full table of delivery days and times, and don’t forget if you return a complete set of six bottles and a cooler bag we’ll give you a free gift.

We offer one, two, three and five day juice cleanse delivery to selected areas of Sydney, including Bronte, and an everyday pick-up from your Cali Press cafe. If you prefer to buy your juice cleanses from our cafe any day of the week, call in and speak to any one of our happy staff members!

We’re Local And Organic

Cali Press understands that your body benefits from being free of harmful toxins and chemicals. That’s why we offer:

  • Made-to-order sandwiches and fridges packed with healthy superfood bowls, so you’ll get all the tonics, wholefoods and snacks you need
  • Healthy products accessible on a daily basis from our Bronte Beach Cafe
  • The best organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, Ovvio teas and espresso coffee from Allpress
  • An ultimate cleanse experience from juices designed to detoxify, hydrate and nourish your body
  • The finest and freshest seasonal organic produce
Can’t find the time to pop in? No worries – simply place your order with us online.

Join Us at Bronte for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We’ll happily serve you at any time of day in our health cafe – ask for our comprehensive menu. It gives you fast access to premium quality health foods. When you’re too busy to make a pit stop, simply search for us online and place your order that way! You can also reach us by phone if you need any more information about our delivery services in your area.