Happy Hour, Cali Style

Listen up peeps! There is a strong chance you could be missing out on a seriously discounted version of your afternoon caffeine fix. Between 3PM and 4PM, Happy Hour has been sweeping the neighbourhood of Surry Hills while our Cali Press cafe roasts up $2 coffees, every weekday. No, we aren’t joking.

Here is a short run down of what we offer:

  • Exclusive to our Surry Hills location only
  • Offer is $2.00 for a regular sized coffee (6oz & 8oz)
  • A large coffee (10oz) is 50 cents extra.
  • Offer is available for full cream and skim milk only. Special milks will incur an extra charge.

To celebrate this exciting new slice of our days here at the Surry Hills cafe, we would like to offer all our loyal Cali Press customers the chance to win some awesome prizes. Beginning tomorrow, The Cali Press Team will be holding an Instagram competition that will run for the entirety of the week. Read how to take your shot at winning 2 X 250mg of our famous All Press Carmelo ground coffee for your take home pleasure!

How to enter:

1/ Competition opens from tomorrow, Friday the 29th of April at 6:30AM and closes by Friday the 6th of May at 6:30PM.

2/ At some point within the competition time frame, we would love for you to pop on down to our Surry Hills location and take a photo of your choice of coffee style.

4/ THEN – post your image on Instagram + follow us (if you don’t already) + tag @calipressjuice + throw in the hashtags #calipresshappyhour and #surryhills in your caption!

The five winners will be announced Friday the 6th at 8:30pm and 2 x bags of All Press Carmelo coffee will be awaiting their next Surry Hills drop in.

Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to see you all down here at Surry Hills to join in the buzz during Happy Hour.

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