Cali Press X Allpress Coffee

At Cali Press we serve you the very best quality organic produce and the same goes for our delicious coffee and milk options! We offer coffee from Allpress Espresso who use top grade Arabica beans and innovative roasting technologies.

Why is the coffee so good you ask? Allpress continuously search for small sustainably managed farms with high standards of agricultural practice who specialise in high grade beans. They also visit farmers, millers and exporters in various coffee growing regions, talk to the pickers and processers and spends time tasting the unique annual crops for flavour, body and aroma.

Allpress use ‘hot air roasting’ method where the beans are suspended in a stream of hot air, allowing temperature to be controlled with great precision. The beans roast evenly, producing cleaner, sweeter tasting coffee. Allpress remain as one of the few Australian roasters to use this innovative method, truly preserving the unique flavour of the beans that have been carefully selected.

All our Cali Press stores also include the amazing La Marzocco coffee machine. Top baristas around the world all practice their coffee art on these machines and if we’re going to have top quality coffee and machinery, we couldn’t forget a variety of first class milk options. Cali stores supply Bonsoy soymilk, cold pressed almond milk and all your regular milk options from Jersey dairy. Jersey dairy is sourced exclusively from free-range pedigree Jersey cows who produce milk that is naturally lower in saturated fats compared to milk from other breeds and has up to 20% higher protein and calcium.

Simply put, we believe the coffee at Cali Press is like no other! But come on down and try it out for yourself.


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