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As a proud, self-confessed foodie, I have never done a juice cleanse before. However, I have always been intrigued as to how my body would handle and respond to a three-day juice cleanse. Would my digestive problems really subside, energy levels increase, skin glow and immunity improve? These were my burning questions and after three days of cleansing, I am happy to report; I have gained some amazing results. Have a read of my LIVE cleanse diary to learn more…

Here Goes Nothing!

Coincidentally or not, I’ve woken with a fever and congestion. Generally, I only experience cold/flu symptoms for a few days so I am eager to see the impact the Super-Flu Fighter cleanse is going to have.

The cleanse begins with the Pocket Rocket + Echinacea & Olive Leaf juice. I find it great to wake up with ingredients that kick off with immunity support! The remaining three cold pressed juices vary in flavour and all taste super fresh, delicious and with a focus on building immunity and restoring alkalinity within the body. Good stuff!

I find I’ve been struggling to consume everything by the recommended time. Starting at 8am has forced me to begin my day earlier which is a positive, but I’m simply not used to digesting anything this early so I had the first juice later than the recommended time. This set me back on timing for the remainder of the day and as a result, I am now struggling to consume everything before I go to bed. I’ll be sure to be more disciplined for Day 2 and 3.

Having a warming bowl of soup and tea in winter is my fave so the miso soup and the Fireball tonic are winners for me. Miso contains all 9 essential amino acids, which has helped curb my hunger pangs and I love the clean source of anti-inflammatory right before bedtime with this Fireball tonic as a tea (add hot water + lemon).

So it’s 7pm and it’s been a good day… the only thing I would recommend is DO NOT watch Masterchef or scroll through foodie social media while undertaking a juice cleanse! I think this is the only reason I am now feeling hungry and have started to think about fresh Iggys bread with smashed avocado. Whoops! But now sipping on this beautiful Ovvio Organics Tea, I’m already feeling the cravings disappear.


The Struggle. No hiding it, no denying it!

Waking up this morning I’m craving solid foods. As I mentioned previously, I am really conscious about sticking to the right times for these final two days and I think this will help with the cravings. This cleanse is making me realise how much I love the cooking process and also how often I eat out of just habit or boredom not genuine hunger! I am starting to understand what my body really feels like when it is hungry, rather than just the usual habit of eating every time I’m near the fridge!

The standout point of Day 2 is my digestion! I have struggled with poor digestion for the past seven years and have never found a clear answer to the problem. Seeing the improvement in my digestion as early as Day 2 is huge for me since it’s the first time in a long time that I have not experienced bloating and/or pain. My digestive system is obviously enjoying its holiday, which in turn, is having a great effect on my energy levels.

Now that 7pm has rolled around, I’m food craving free! The real test was while I sat with friends as they ate burgers and chips in front of me. Important side note – don’t decide not to go out for dinner just because you’re on a juice cleanse! Take your juice, feel empowered and stay social! I’ll be heading to bed feeling energised and refreshed.


The Verdict

I can’t begin to explain this energy! Physically and mentally I feel so clear and rejuvenated. This was the breakthrough that everyone had told me would happen. I have no symptoms of a cold/flu, my digestion has never felt as good and I’m having no cravings whatsoever.

Throughout the whole process, I have worked 10 hours every day, continued my yoga practice and ensured that I was having a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night. While I wouldn’t promote anyone going on a marathon while juice cleansing, I can tell you though; life just doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop on a detox!

It’s now a week on from completing my cleanse, I still have no symptoms of a cold/flu and my energy levels have not wavered. It’s been nothing but a positive experience for me and if you are yet to try a juice cleanse, I suggest you give a “Cali Cleanse” a go….. they are amazing. With four great options to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

Cleanse Options Over 1-5 Days Available For Purchase:

Super-Flu Fighter Cleanse

Big Easy Cleanse

Standard Cleanse

Deep Clean Cleanse

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