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One of the biggest superfoods to explode into the health food scene is açai. Pronounced (Ah-sah-ee) it is packed full of health promoting nutrients, some of which are extremely well known for their super high antioxidant levels. Along with the discovery of this awesome superfood also came the discovery of a long list of very unique nutrients that were previously unknown to western scientists.

1. History

Originally found in the Amazon, the açai berry has been used by Amazon tribes for centuries to treat a variety of conditions. While western discovery of the properties of this miraculous berry is relatively new, some Amazon tribes have enjoyed the medicinal benefits of açai in their diets for years. The indigenous founders learned that by digesting the açai berry frequently, their immune system improved, they were sick less often, they had higher energy levels and they managed to fight off numerous medical conditions. The more they took, the more the benefits they discovered this amazing berry had to offer.


2. Benefits

  1. Enhanced Thermogenesis: boosts your internal thermostat, which aids fat loss, increased energy levels, and a better metabolism.
  2. Detoxification: not only do acai berries help eliminate toxins and waste from the GI tract, but they improve digestion too.
  3. Anti-Aging: the antioxidants and polyphenols in acai berries can enhance cellular levels; which encourages a youthful appearance of your skin and helps your immune system fight disease!
  4. Cardiovascular Improvement: enhanced blood circulation and healthier heart function.
  5. Cognitive Enhancement: improved sleep patterns, leading to more energy during the day and sharper mental focus.


3. Our Offering

With the new season Cali Press is currently undergoing a menu relaunch and we now offer two awesome açai bowls; The Original and Cacao Crunch. Blended with 100% coconut water for the base, The Original combines mango and banana then topped with fresh fruit, spiced granola, coconut and goji berries. For the cacao lovers out there, we blend the Cacao Crunch with 100% coconut water, cacao, blueberries, strawberries, banana then topped with fresh fruit, buckinis, peanut butter and bee pollen. Both options are deliciously tasty, super satisfying and make for a mega health hit any time of day.


True to Cali Press style all the menu selections are fresh and made only from top quality ingredients. Chat to one of our friendly staff or keep your eye on our Instagram to find out when the new açai bowls will hit your local Cali café. The official launch of our new menu is set for early September with heaps of great offers for our VIP customers.

The new menu is currently available at our Surry Hills and Double Bay locations.

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