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Everything you need to know about our products.

What is in a bottle of Cali Press juice?
Cali press juices contain slowly extracted organic plant liquids; nothing else at all is added during the process - there are no sugars, preservatives, shelf-life extenders etc. It’s just the juice, plain and simple. Make sure you shake your juice before opening to stir up the nutrient rich sediment before drinking.
How long does Cali Press juice last?
At Cali Press, we only allow our juices to be on the shelf for sale for a maximum of four days to ensure the best taste and nutrient quality is provided to our customers. To reduce wastage we only produce a limited number of juices each day; so best to get in store early to avoid disappointment!

All of our juices have a Use By Date sticker on them – you may drink the juice on or before the Use By Date.

Once I’ve opened my bottle, how long do I have to drink it?
You should drink your juice within three hours of opening to make sure you get the best taste.
Is there anyone who shouldn’t drink this juice?
As Cali Press juices are raw and unpasteurised, they may not be suitable for people who are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions. If this applies to you, please consult your medical practitioner prior to consuming.
Is your juice organic?
We promise to use the finest and freshest seasonal organic produce in our juices, avoiding harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides where possible. We're not certified organic and we don't plan to be. Doing so would rule out too many small farms and the fantastic produce they grow while still adhering to organic farming practices.
Where is your produce from?
All produce is grown around Australia. As we grow, we are working towards utilising locally sourced ingredients, to further reduce our environmental footprint.
Do you recycle your bottles?
Yes – we believe in recycling or repurposing our bottles. All plastics are recycled and we encourage customers to bring back glass bottles for a discount on their next purchase. When you return a complete daily set (six glass bottles and one cooler bag) of cleanse packaging to a Cali Press store we’ll give you a free 350ml juice of choice in return. Therefore if you return all the packaging from a five day cleanse you can claim five free juices!
Are all your juices gluten free?
Absolutely! Plants and nuts do not contain gluten.
What else does Cali Press do?
At every Cali Press cafe we can turn your fresh cold pressed juice into a cold pressed smoothie in store. We also have a variety of delicious gluten free, dairy free, high protein and no-processed sugar snacks to satisfy hungry and time-poor customers who care what goes into their bodies. We also offer delicious Allpress Espresso at every one of our cafe locations.
How does a juice cleanse work?
Juice cleanses work by giving your body a rest from processing food and enabling the body to use its energy to process and eliminate built up toxins stored in the blood of the liver, kidneys and other digestive organs. The Cali cleanse range will have your body running on fresh toxin-free blood that will have you feeling like a new you.
What are the benefits of juice cleansing?
There are a huge amount of benefits to juice cleansing. Here are Cali Press’s 10 favourite juice cleanse benefits:

It’s a fresh start: if you’ve been under the pump at work, stressed out and your social life has been hectic, a cleanse will flush out toxins and reset your metabolism, getting you to feel like a new you from the inside out. Sticking to juice will deliver nutrients straight to the organs that need them most, and help to break detrimental eating habits along the way, meaning you’ll crave less junk and be on the path to a sustainable long term health plan.

You feel alive! It’s true – juice cleansing allows our body to flush out toxins and this gives you more energy to get on with life. Remember, better nutrition leads to increased energy and stamina.

Your skin will glow: Cali Press juices are packed with nutrients vital for supporting skin clarity and radiance. The skin is a huge organ for releasing toxins; the less toxins you have, the more glowing your skin will be.

Balance your alkalinity: stored up toxins create acidity in the system. Cali Press juice cleansing flush these out and promote alkalinity in your digestive system.

Promotes long term health: Cali Press cleanse programs reset your metabolism and allow you to start fresh; you will be more in tune with your body and this makes it much easier to begin a long term wellness path, including achieving long term weight loss goals you may have.

Purify your body: flush out built up toxins from processed foods and environmental free radicals.

Goodbye bloat: cleansing gets rid of the nasties in the gut, and will have you feeling comfortable again. With your digestive system back in good shape you’ll have a spring in your step and be better equipped to digest food going forward.

Why is Cali Press juice cleanse the best available?
We use organic fruit and vegetables and have specially crafted it to bring you the nutrients your body needs. It also comes with extra bits including a detailed cleansing guide to ensure you get through the program as smoothly as possible.
What happens if I break the cleanse by eating something?
The more you eat during your cleanse, the more your body has to work to break down that food and this will hold up the elimination process. If you’re really craving something extra, we suggest having unlimited herbal teas, or try an organic broth for something salty (this does wonders!). Try and stay focused on the end result; think of how accomplished you’ll feel when you complete your cleanse.
Will I get enough fibre during the cleanse?
You will receive some fibre from the nut mylks and smoothies in the cleanse, however juicing does get rid of most of the fibrous parts of the fruits and veggies in the making. This is okay – you’re only cleansing for a relatively short period of time and your regular (or new and improved!) eating habits when you finish will restore the fibre you need.
How much weight will I lose doing the cleanse?
Chances are you will lose a couple of kilos during the Cali Cleanse because you’re consuming fewer calories than normal. It is important to note though that this cleanse should only be the start of a maintainable weight loss path, if that is your goal.
How many juices will I get?
Our cleanse packs contain 6 x 500ml bottles daily; depending on how deep you want to cleanse, the mix will contain a mix of juices plus smoothies and nut mylks. We have tried and tested these amounts and can assure you this is more than enough to last you throughout the day.
I do a lot of training; can I still exercise?
Everybody’s cleanse journey is different, so you will need to listen to your body and do what feels right at the time for you. It is important to move during the cleanse (it helps in the elimination process) however it’s also important not to overdo it. If you’re training 3-4 days a week or more, we do recommend completing the Big Easy as this contains two smoothies to power you through.
What are some of the side effects of cleansing?
As each Cali Cleanse journey is unique, the side effects and cleanse symptoms will be different for each Cleanser. You may experience fatigue, hunger and moodiness as you adjust to the juice intake, and skin breakouts or furry tongue as the body starts to eliminate toxins. It is important during this time to really listen to your body and rest when you need to. Our Cali Cleanse guide contains tips and tricks to get you through the cleanse, as well as a complete guide to detox symptoms and why your body is doing what it’s doing.
Is there anyone who shouldn’t cleanse?
We don’t recommend cleansing for pregnant women (but please come see us when you’ve had your bubba!). For anyone with a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, we suggest you consult your doctor or health practitioner before commencing a cleanse.
What is the delivery cost and schedule?
Our 1, 2, 3 and 5 day cleanses start on Monday*, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and are delivered the evening before between 6pm - 9pm. *Important: Please advise any special delivery instructions in Order Notes at checkout to ensure we get your delivery to the correct location. Delivery cost is a flat $20 fee within our delivery zone. 5 Day Cleanses View the delivery and pick-up schedule here *Monday not available during Winter months.
When do I have to order by?
Juice carton deliveries can be made on Monday*, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for a $20 flat charge. Orders for delivery received before 8:00am can be delivered for the following day. *Monday not available during Winter months.
How can I buy Juice Cartons?
You can purchase cartons 7 days a week directly at a Cali Press location or order online and schedule to pick-up at your preferred location.


Do I have to personally take the delivery?
If your juice is not handed to you when it is delivered it will be left at your front door or according to any special instructions that you provided. Cali Press is not responsible for lost or stolen juice, or product that has been left out for extended periods of time, so please make sure you are aware of your orders delivery date!