Raw, Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Live clean, live large, love life.

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Cali Press was the result of a conversation amongst friends in the surf one afternoon. The idea quickly escalated into a life changing series of events with the now Cali Press team quitting their jobs and setting about becoming full time cold pressed juicers. The idea was to create the best possible cold pressed juice with the goal of bringing better health to peoples lives through juice, smoothies and wholefoods. The name Cali Press comes from our love and nostalgia for Golden California and its fun and natural way of clean living.

We create what we believe are Sydney’s best cold pressed juices that are essentially raw fruit and vegetables in a bottle. Cali Press will stay true to offering organic as we know the body benefits the most from produce free of harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides.

Here at Cali Press we know our stuff, but we’re realistic about the challenges involved in balancing fun and looking after your health. With this in mind, we aim to provide accessible healthy and delicious products including Cold Pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothies, Coffee and Wholefoods.

With today’s busy lifestyle, we all need fast access to premium quality health foods. Cali Press can be delivered to your office, your front door or can be bought in any of our cafe locations around Sydney. With five store locations now open in Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Double Bay and Surry Hills, our menus are innovative, nutritious and original at the same time as being very tasty, and all bring healthier options to the Sydney food scene.


We strive to source the best local organic produce from suppliers who care about providing quality fruit and vegetables.


At Cali Press we know that you need to start with the best fruit and vegetables to make great tasting juice. We're not certified organic and we don't plan to be as doing so would rule out too many small farms and the fantastic produce they grow while still adhering to organic farming practices.

We promise to use the finest and freshest seasonal organic produce in our juices, avoiding harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides where possible. Cali Press not only cares about your health, but the health of the world we live in. We strive to source ingredients from local organic farmers to reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable farming initiatives within the community.

Almost all of our packaging is bio plastic, and we’re currently working on better ways to reduce and recycle packaging in our cafes. As part of this we offer an incentive for customers who bring in a re-usable cup for their coffee. Plus we also sterilise and reuse a lot of our glass juice bottles, offering a great bottle return policy where you get credit towards your next purchase at Cali. At our juice factory the excess pulp from our juices is sent from our production facility to a composting plant where it’s turned into liquid fertilizer thus avoiding landfill.

Our Method - Cali Press and The Future

We maintain a complete cold chain while crafting our juices so they arrive fresh to you.


Cold press juicing has several advantages over standard juicing. Traditional juicing pushes fruits and vegetables through a heated motor which kills up to 60% of the delicate nutrients and vitamins. Cali Press ingredients are gently shredded down to a pulp, then slowly pressed to maximise the extraction of the fruit and vegetables vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This is raw and vegetables fruit in a bottle.

Unlike traditional methods of blending or grinding, the ‘pressing’ action doesn’t oxidise or degrade the fruit and vegetables keeping the nutrients and enzymes intact. As the ‘pressing’ process doesn’t force air into the juice, it will not spoil as fast thus maintaining its natural taste.

From farm to bottle, we maintain a chilled environment from the fresh produce to the finished product. By controlling the environment where our juices are held they retain the maximum taste and nutrient value. Combined with our formulas and selection of fresh organic produce, we provide the best tasting juice on offer.