Interview: Cali Cleansing With Demi Harman

When Aussie actress, TV presenter and all round mega beach babe Demi Harman isn’t shooting for Better Homes And Gardens, she’s jet-setting back and forth between her home in Sydney and Hollywood.

Whilst at home in Sydney recently, Demi completed a 3-day Standard Cleanse and we have the inside scoop on her Cleanse experience, plus how she stays in shape whilst living a trans-continental lifestyle.

Check it out below.


CLEANSE DIARY: An expert guide to juice cleansing – Cali Press

As a proud, self-confessed foodie, I have never done a juice cleanse before. However, I have always been intrigued as to how my body would handle and respond to a three-day juice cleanse. Would my digestive problems really subside, energy levels increase, skin glow and immunity improve? These were my burning questions and after three days of cleansing, I am happy to report; I have gained some amazing results. Have a read of my LIVE cleanse diary to learn more…


Post Cleanse Priorities

So you’ve just finished a Cali Press Cleanse and are feeling refreshed, energised and motivated but perhaps a bit unsure as to how you can keep the feeling going. Well, we recommend starting by checking out your face. Carefully examine the whites of your eyes… we bet they are shining! Your friends and family must be throwing around compliments about your glowing skin and general bounce in your step. Let’s be honest – it may not have been a walk in the park but it was totally worth it.