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Cali Winter Menu

The cold front has hit and the seasonally influenced additions to our menu are now in our cafes. The Cali Winter Menu is designed not only to entice the tastebuds but to also nurture your winter health and wellbeing. So who are the new Menu Superstars?

Keep reading to find out.

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Cinnamon spiced steel cut oats w/ stewed rhubarb & apple compote, banana, roasted almonds (V)


Is there anything better than waking up to a steaming bowl of sweet and spicy porridge on a cold winter’s morning? We didn’t think so and that’s why we have combined warming cinnamon and fibre rich steel cut oats to start your day strongly. The stewed rhubarb is packed with a tonne of minerals and aids in soothing the stomach, while the addition of apple brings a sweet tang to the tongue. Potassium from the chopped up banana will help keep your blood sugar and blood pressure balanced, while the handful of roasted almonds will help do the same for your protein levels.

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Melty vegan cheddar, egg, tomato, basil, supergreen pesto, roasted salsa (P)
+ side salad of choice $3 (Available at Cali Press Surry Hills only)


Who doesn’t love melted cheese… especially when it’s vegan and still a tasty melted treat. All packed inside two slices of gluten free toast, our delectable Portland inspired jaffle will not only have you feeling satisfied but will fuel you for the rest of the day. With a decent hit of protein from the egg, vitamin C and essential oils via the tomato and basil, some amazing fibre and antioxidant properties in the delicious supergreen raw broccoli pesto, and a mild roasted salsa to please your tastebuds and keep even the most discerning hipster happy.

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A favourite go-to meal when we are in need of something filling and super satisfying. The broth is packed full of nutrient dense vegetables and the chicken will provide you with a healthy dose of lunchtime protein in combination with the corn which is a low GI carbohydrate. This soup will provide you with a sustained slow release of energy throughout your entire day.

A hearty Moroccan style soup that is packed with tasty legumes and delicious vegetables. The tomato base will act as a great source of vitamin C during the cooler months, the chickpeas will serve as your vegetarian source of protein and the lentils will give you that fibre hit you need; all of this served gluten free buckwheat toast.

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All of our food is processed sugar free, dairy free and mostly gluten free. We’ve marked where something is (V) for vegan and (P) for paleo. Don’t forget to discuss with our friendly staff if you have any specific intolerances.

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