Top 4: Places To Chill This Summer – Cali Press

Considering the warmer weather of late, we at Cali think it’s safe to say, that it’s going to be one hot summer for us Sydney siders. So what comes to mind when you think about summer? For us, it’s early morning swims at Sydney’s best-hidden beaches followed by ice-cold juices, smoothies and açai bowls. Since we want you guys to get the most out your summer season, we’ve done the hard work for you and collected a few of Sydney’s ‘hottest’ chill locations.


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Tips: How To Feel Better Fast, Post Travel – Cali Press

There’s a lot of information out there nowadays on how to prepare for healthy travel, snacks to pack for the plane, what to do on board to avoid jet lag, but there seems to be very little on how to settle back into the swing of things post travel. After a flight, our bodies are dehydrated, our appetite is haywire, our circadian rhythm is off, our bowel movements may be on hold and yet we have to be up and at ’em ready to attack a to-do list as long as our arm! So, how are we supposed to do it all when all we want to do is lay down?

We asked Sami Bloom for some great tips that will have you feeling better in no time.


Cali Vivid

Cali’s Ultimate Guide to the Best of Vivid 2016

Another year in Sydney, means another year of VIVID. Not only does this event act as a feast for the eyes, but also our souls while it puts a focus on community, togetherness and believe it or not health (you can end up walking around the whole city!). These are three things the team at Cali Press are super passionate about and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love all that glitters. Below we’ve listed the Cali Press top 5 countdown of what we believe to be the best VIVID 2016 attractions.


A Day In The Bay

A Day In The Bay – Byron Bay

Whether you’re a devoted foodie, professional sunbather, nature lover or a keen wave rider, a day in Byron Bay is sure to satisfy each and every one of your vacay desires. So pack your bags, grab some friends and head off on your next beachside adventure.