War On Waste: Reuse For Rewards At Cali Press

There are some changes coming to Cali Press – and we can’t wait for them to kick off. As of late, we have seen a great deal of coverage about the ‘war on waste’ and see that many cafes like ours are jumping on board to go green and sustainable. At Cali Press, we are fully behind this initiative and doing our bit to help make a difference. And this is not only great news for our Cali team, our cafes and customers but for our planet too. So check out what you can expect us to be changing soon and the initiates we hope to have a positive impact.


Barista at Cali Press

How To: Become Your Barista’s New BFF

It’s a scientific fact that chatting to your barista in the morning has the ability to improve your mood. Seriously. A study found that the simple act of chatting to your barista in the morning could be transformed into a highly positive experience. Somewhere along the line, you’ve likely realised how much you dig your barista… they help you wake up in the morning, remember your name and always leave you in a better mood! But how do they feel about you? We sat down with Cali Double Bay barista Andy, to find out what it takes to become your barista’s favourite customer.


City2Surf racing crowd

An Expert’s Guide To Getting City2Surf FIt

In four weeks time on August 13th Sydney’s city to Bondi Beach will shut down to hold the iconic City2Surf race, which attracts more than 80,000 entrants each year! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a newbie, running 14km is a challenge. So we decided to sit down with Bondi Rescue and Lifecycle Fitness’s Ryan Clark to find out his top tips in giving you a helping hand to train for the race day. Ryan is a qualified personal trainer with years of experience in the health & fitness industry and one of his primary focuses is around increasing cardio vascular fitness – perfect for anyone willing to take on the City2Surf challenge.


Interview: 5 Minutes with the Cali Coogee Team

As part of the celebration for our Coogee cafe’s first birthday we sat down with location manager Kimmy, team leader Libby and bubbly barista Indy for a chat on all the things they love about the area and what makes Coogee such a unique beach side suburb. And as a special thank you for all of you juice and smoothie lovers out there, we’ll be ringing in the big numero uno this Saturday the 1st of April with a 2 for 1* offer on all small juices and smoothies. Simply drop into Cali Coogee between 6:30am to 5:30pm, wish the gang a ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoy the free deliciousness!


Spotlight On: The Benefits of Cali Rewards

In launching Cali Press, one of our main goals was to make sure we had a customer loyalty rewards program that awarded you for including us on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Becoming a Cali Rewards member means you’ll be able to gain loyalty points which you can then redeem for a free coffee or an in-store discount. Other awesome benefits are a free juice on your birthday, exclusive access to new products and offers as well as discounted cleanses throughout the year! So what are you waiting for?


Top 4: Places To Chill This Summer – Cali Press

Considering the warmer weather of late, we at Cali think it’s safe to say, that it’s going to be one hot summer for us Sydney siders. So what comes to mind when you think about summer? For us, it’s early morning swims at Sydney’s best-hidden beaches followed by ice-cold juices, smoothies and açai bowls. Since we want you guys to get the most out your summer season, we’ve done the hard work for you and collected a few of Sydney’s ‘hottest’ chill locations.


Interview: Frothing on Photographer Franck Gazzola – Cali Press

If you’ve been into a Cali Press Cafe lately you will have noticed some epic Sydney beach style prints on our walls. The photographer behind these incredible prints is Sydney based Franck Gazzola of Frothers Gallery who has been part of the CP family since shooting our first cafe opening at Bronte two years ago. Recently we had a chance to catch up with Franck for chat and a juice (of course)…


Around Town: Sydney Farmers Markets – Cali Press

As the weekend rolls around, we all start thinking about how we are going to stock our fridges for the week ahead…right? Here at Cali, we do exactly that and that’s why we believe that for fresh, local produce there’s no better place than a farmers market. Sometimes it’s hard to get around to your local bazaar and that’s why we always have you guys covered with our cold pressed juices, smoothies and wholefoods made from top quality ingredients. But if you’re itching to use that slow cooker, you might need to pick up a few more bits and bobs… so if we’re ringing bells, how about checking out a farmers market near you this weekend!