Spotlight On: Vegan Mylks – Cali Press

Long gone are the days of a simple coffee order, and while full fat and straight from the cow might still be knocking around, it’s certainly gained a few competitors over the years. Vegan ‘mylk’ options frequently generate chit-chat among our Cali baristas and we’ve even gone as far as to debate cockroach mylk! So with all this choice available, we wanted to see how all these vegan mylks measure up against each other. How do they taste? What are they good for? And why should we consider them over the good ol’ cow? Here’s our take on it:


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Spotlight On: Bulletproof Coffee – Cali Press

If you’re a coffee enthusiast it’s highly likely you’ve heard of ‘Bulletproof Coffee’, but if you haven’t your life may be about to change forever. True to its name, slamming one of these “bulletproof” bad boys down in the morning should leave you feeling invincible for the remainder of your day.


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Ciao Ricky!

Our baristas are a huge part of the Cali Press family, they make sure our coffee is expertly prepared with attention to detail so you get that perfect cup every single time. So often our customers ask our baristas, “what’s the secret”? That’s why we conducted an interview with the Manager of Cali Press Bondi and an outstanding barista in his own right, our very own, Ricky Recalcati.